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Vegetable Times for Pressure Cookers

Cooking times are for electric pressure cookers (typically 10 to 13 PSI). Begin timing once pressure has been reached. Release pressure using the quick release method by opening the pressure relief valve in short bursts, or by following the manufacturer's instructions for quick release.

FoodTime in
Artichokes, whole, trimmed9 to 11
Asparagus1 to 2
Acorn Squash, chunks6 to 7
Acorn Squash, quartered or halved7 to 9
Beets, baby or quartered11 to 13
Beets, large, whole20 to 25
Beet Greens2 to 3
Broccoli, florets 2 to 3
Broccoli, stalks, peeled3 to 4
Brussels sprouts3 to 4
Butternut Squash, chunks8 to 9
Cabbage, sliced or shredded2 to 3
Cabbage, wedged3 to 4
Carrots, sliced1 to 2
Carrots, quartered2 to 3
Carrots, whole "baby"2 to 3
Cauliflower, florets2 to 3
Cauliflower, stalks, peeled3 to 4
Celery, quartered2 to 3
Collard Greens4 to 5
Corn, whole (cob)3 to 4
Corn, kernels1
Eggplant, halved3 to 4
Eggplant, slices or chunks2 to 3
Green Beans, Blue Lake2 to 3
Green Beans, Haricot Verts2
Kale, baby3 to 4
Kale, mature5 to 6
Leeks, sliced2 to 3
Leeks, whole or quarted3 to 4
Mustard Greens3 to 4
Okra, sliced2
Okra, whole pod3 to 4
Onion, sliced or diced2 to 3
Onion, pearl3
Parsnips, sliced1 to 2
Parsnips, quartered2 to 3
Peas, shelled1
Peas, whole pod2
Potatoes, sliced7 to 8
Potatoes, cubed8 to 9
Potatoes, quartered10
Potatoes, baby, whole10 to 12
Potatoes, large, whole13 to 15
Pumpkin, chunks4 to 5
Pumpkin, quartered8 to 10
Rutabaga, sliced3 to 4
Rutabaga, chunks4 to 5
Rutabaga, quartered5 to 6
Spinach, baby1
Spinach, mature2
Sweet Potatoes, sliced7 to 8
Sweet Potatoes, cubed8 to 9
Sweet Potatoes, quartered10
Sweet Potatoes, baby, whole10 to 12
Sweet Potatoes, large, whole13 to 15
Swiss Chard3 to 4
Peppers, sliced1 to 2
Peppers, chunks or halved2 to 3
Tomatoes, sliced1 to 2
Tomatoes, quartered2 to 3
Tomatoes, whole4 to 5
Turnips, sliced2 to 3
Turnips, chunks3 to 4
Turnips, quartered4 to 5
Turnips Greens2 to 3
Yams, sliced7 to 8
Yams, cubed8 to 9
Yams, quartered10
Yams, baby, whole10 to 12
Yams, large, whole13 to 15
Zucchini, sliced2
Zucchini, small, halved or chunks3