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Rice Cooker Pasta

Use these tips when cooking pasta in your rice cooker:

     1. Don't overload. Pasta doubles in size when cooking.
               See our pasta table for maximum capacity.

     2. Don't fill inner bowl more than 3/4 full with water.

     3. When available, use the steam cooking setting of a multi-function rice cooker.

     4. Add a teaspoon of oil or fat to help prevent boil overs.

     5. Bring salted water to a full boil before adding oil and pasta.

     6. Break long pasta in half or thirds to fit your rice cooker's inner bowl.

     7. Begin timing as soon as you add pasta (not once it has returned to the boil).

     8. Stir immediately and frequently during the first 3 minutes of cooking.

     9. Test pasta for doneness 60-90 seconds before time on the box and every 60 seconds after.

     10. Drain pasta while it is still slightly underdone and finish cooking it in the sauce.

     11. Do not rinse cooked pasta, unless it will be used in a pasta salad.